Pablo Tac Resources

As Oceanside, California gets closer to naming a public school after Pablo Tac, the following will help one learn about him.

First, read the only biography written for the general audience, Meet Pablo Tac, the story of the Mission Indian from San Luis Rey de Francia who became the first seminarian from the California missions. His writings are the earliest from a California Mission Indian. The book is about faith, courage in the face of adversity, and the universality of the Catholic Church. It is a must for California Indian studies.

Also, find videos and other resources about Pablo Tac at the following links:

“You know of Junípero Serra but have you heard of Pablo Tac?” in Aleteia
  • “Catholic Educator and Author Campaigns for Remarkable, Holy California Mission Indian” in OsideNews

Last, all are welcome to read, sign, and share the petition to nominate Pablo Tac for the cause of canonization at